Buttendz applicator spray for hockey grips

Buttendz Applicator - 5 pack

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Buttendz hockey stick grips and goalie stick grips offer a revolutionary advantage – they're reusable!

To get the most out of your grips, it's smart to keep extra Application Spray on hand.

This ensures you can quickly refresh the grip for optimal performance whenever needed.

Our convenient 5-pack of pre-filled spray bottles makes it easy to stock up and always be ready.

Maximize the lifespan of your grips and maintain that perfect feel with Buttendz Application Spray.

#1 Hockey Grip In The World

Each of our grips are custom-suited for specific types of athletes. Order your Buttendz grip today!

Stand Out From The Crowd

At Butttendz, we're expanding product lines to help athletes upgrade their skates with unique, lightweight, and reusable accessories.

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