PIT BULL Hockey Stick Blade Grip - Buttendz
Hockey blade grip
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PIT BULL Blade Grip - Buttendz
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PIT BULL Blade Grip - Buttendz

PIT BULL Blade Grip

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#1 Hockey Stick Blade Grip!

Introducing the Buttendz PIT BULL, the ultimate hockey stick blade grip designed to revolutionize your puck control on the ice.

This razor-thin, textured hockey grip tape replacement was designed to fit perfectly on the sweet spot of your blade, providing you with maximum control and precision for both on-ice play and aerial maneuvers.

Revolutionary Hockey Grip Tape Replacement

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly re-taping your blade, as the PIT BULL blade grip offers a durable and long-lasting solution.

Blade Grip Pads Key Features:

  • Razor-thin, textured material for enhanced puck control

  • Designed to fit the sweet spot of the blade

  • Eliminates the need for constant re-taping

  • Available in both GOALIE and PLAYER versions

  • Includes two full sets (forehand and backhand grips)

  • Suitable for both Senior and Youth sizing

  • Replaces traditional hockey stick blade tape

The PIT BULL hockey stick blade grip comes in two distinct versions to cater to the specific needs of goalies and players.

The GOALIE version is longer and wider than the PLAYER version, ensuring optimal coverage and control for those crucial saves. E

ach package contains two complete sets, allowing you to outfit your backup stick or save the second set for later in the season.

Sizing Options:

  • Senior size for adult players
  • Youth size for younger players

You're bound to notice the difference in your puck handling and take your game to new heights with the Buttendz PIT BULL hockey stick blade grip.

Trust in the advanced technology and superior design to give you the competitive edge you need on the ice.

#1 Hockey Grip In The World

Each of our grips are custom-suited for specific types of athletes. Order your Buttendz grip today!

Stand Out From The Crowd

At Butttendz, we're expanding product lines to help athletes upgrade their skates with unique, lightweight, and reusable accessories.

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