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Upgrade your stick with the #1 hockey grip in the world

Benefits over hockey tape (and hockey grip tape):

  • Enhanced feel when stick handling

  • A consistent feel for your top hand, EVERY time

  • Reduced grip pressure in the top hand; promoting harder, more accurate shots

  • Reduced vibration when shooting and receiving passes

  • Reduced wear to the palms of your gloves

  • All Buttendz hockey grips and lacrosse grips are re-usable

How it works:


Buttendz incorporates Natural Rubber Tiling into every grip for hockey sticks, providing a softer but tackier feel than tape, which helps a player store more energy in the stick.  When the blade strikes the puck, the player’s wrists and weight-shifting, transfer stored energy into the puck, maximizing speed and control. For these reasons, Buttendz is the best hockey grip on the market.


Our proprietary rubber compound was built to help you deliver and receive game-changing passes by reducing vibrations from your blade to your hands.  Catching a pass never felt so good than with our hockey knob on your stick.

Why Buttendz?

Buttendz is committed to providing the best hockey stick grips in the world, designed for competition & training at any level. Players from all over the world are looking for ways to improve their equipment and gain an edge. Our product is far superior to any hockey stick grip tape or hockey butt end variations.

As hockey sticks evolve, so should the products & accessories that enhance their performance. With Buttendz, you get a grip for hockey sticks with modern technology.

All of our products fit both men’s and women’s hockey sticks.