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Buttendz Testimonials

What Players & Coaches are saying about Buttendz

  • "Rock solid with amazing feel! Buttendz provides a great grip and prevents your hand from slipping. Quick and easy to apply; saves time not having to constantly re-tape your knob.”
    Jeff Petry, Montreal Canadiens
  • "With the Buttendz I felt an extraordinary difference. It was easy to grab loose pucks with one hand and really hold on to the puck in crucial moments. I also love the fact that the grip is not too sticky. "
    Akil Thomas, Niagara IceDogs
  • "When shooting... the "grip hand" gives the puck its velocity (speed) because of its pulling motion and wrist rotation during the release phase. The BUTTENDZ grip has come to the rescue! It supports everything I teach as a shooting coach. It firms up a players grip, helping them to gain more control, and added spin when they shoot!"
    Tim Turk, NHL Shooting Coach
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