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The #1 Grip in Hockey & Lacrosse

It's Time for an Upgrade!

Benefits over Tape:

  • Enhanced feel when stick handling

  • A consistent feel for your top hand, EVERY time

  • Reduced grip pressure in the top hand; promoting harder, more accurate shots

  • Reduced vibration when shooting and receiving passes

  • Reduced wear to the palms of your gloves

  • All Buttendz Grips are RE-USABLE

How it works:


Buttendz incorporates Natural Rubber Tiling into every Grip, providing a softer but tackier feel than tape, which helps a player store more energy in the stick.  When the blade strikes the puck, the player’s wrists and weight-shifting, transfer stored energy into the puck, maximizing speed and control.


Our proprietary rubber compound was built to help you deliver and receive game-changing passes by reducing vibrations from your blade to your hands.  Catching a pass never felt so good.

Why Buttendz?

Buttendz is committed to providing the best grips in the world, designed for competition & training at any level. Players from all over the world are looking for ways to improve their equipment and gain an edge.

As hockey sticks evolve, so should the products & accessories that enhance their performance.

All of our products fit both men’s and women’s sticks.