How Do Our Buttendz Lacrosse Grips Work?

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How to Apply Our Lacrosse Grips

In this helpful guide we'll share with you guys the ultimate technique for outfitting your lacrosse stick with the high-quality feel and performance boost it deserves.

You'll learn the step-by-step process to applying our top-tier lacrosse grips that promise to boost your game out on the field.

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Begin by cleaning your lacrosse stick's handle to ensure it is free of dirt and debris. Peel off any old tape or remnants of prior grips.

It is important for the surface to be dry and smooth, as this will help the new grip adhere better and make the application process smoother.

Heating the Grip

Use a hair dryer to heat the Buttendz grip, making it more pliable.

Rotate the grip back and forth for approximately 60 to 90 seconds or until it is warm and flexible.

This heat will activate the adhesive inside the grip and allow for a snug fit on your stick.

Sliding the Grip On

Align the open end of the grip with the top of your lacrosse stick and gently start to slide it on. If resistance is met, you may need to apply more heat.

Make sure to push evenly, avoiding twisting or stretching the grip, as this could compromise the fit and feel.

Adjusting Position

Once the grip is fully on, adjust it to the desired position. You have to do this relatively quickly before the grip cools down and the adhesive sets.

Align it to ensure that any contours or textures are where you want them for optimal grip and control.

Securing the Grip

After positioning the grip, apply additional heat while on the stick to activate the adhesive completely.

Press down firmly, smoothing out any air bubbles or wrinkles. This makes certain that the grip is secure and won't slip during play.

Cool Down

Let the grip cool for a few minutes to allow the adhesive to set fully.

Once cool, the grip's rubber will conform to the stick's dimensions, ensuring a tight and seamless fit.

Now your Buttendz lacrosse grip is ready to use!

Answering Your Lacrosse Grip Questions

Can I remove the grip and use it again afterwards?

Once a Buttendz grip is removed, reusing it isn't recommended as the adhesive qualities and the original fit might be compromised.

The grip is designed to mold closely to your stick for a perfect application, and once removed, it's difficult to replicate that initial secure and snug fit.

How do I remove the lacrosse grip?

To remove the grip, you might need to apply a gentle heat, similar to when you first applied it, to loosen the adhesive.

Carefully peel the grip back from the stick, working slowly to avoid tearing the material. If the grip is particularly stubborn, slightly more heat may be required to assist in the process.

How long does the grip last?

The lifespan of a Buttendz grip varies based on frequency of use, playing conditions, and care taken during application and use.

Normally, a Buttendz grip can last for an entire season or longer for many athletes. Regular inspection and proper maintenance can extend the longevity of the grip.

How can you say that it saves gloves?

The Buttendz grips are designed with a durable rubber composite that is easier on gloves compared to traditional tape, which can be abrasive.

The grip's smooth surface reduces friction and wear on the palm of the glove, leading to a longer life for your lacrosse gloves.

What to do if the grip doesn't fully shrink?

If the grip didn't fully shrink to fit your stick snugly, apply additional heat evenly while the grip is on the stick to activate the adhesive further.

Work your way around the stick, pressing firmly to eliminate any remaining loose areas. Allow it to cool down once more to set the grip properly.

How do I know that the grip is going to fit my lacrosse stick?

Buttendz lacrosse grips are designed with a universal fit to accommodate most stick sizes.

However, to ensure compatibility, check the product specifications before purchasing or contact our customer service for guidance.

The flexible material and heating method allow for a tailored fit to your specific stick.