STRETCH: No Knob Sleeve Style Player Grip

2 products

2 products

Check out the Buttendz Stretch, a revolutionary sleeve-style player grip designed for players that want the best top-hand performance without a knob or raised twirl design. 

This grip pack offers all the performance of our Buttendz grips into a clean, tight sleeve that gives a unique feel and better puck control.

The Stretch features our patented Buttendz tiling texture on the bottom for better finger grip, while the smooth top gives that comfortable, seamless experience players are looking for.

Key Features:

  • Knob-free design for a clean and sleek look
  • Patented Buttendz tiling texture for improved finger control
  • Smooth top for a comfortable and seamless feel
  • Tight sleeve design for optimal top-hand performance
  • Ideal for players seeking maximum control and confidence

You're bound to notice the difference the Buttendz Stretch can make in your game, giving you the confidence to dangle through the competition and bury the puck.

Once you feel the unique sensation of the Stretch, you'll know you're using Buttendz.

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