PARADOX: Lacrosse Specific Replacement Grip

1 product

1 product

Upgrade Your Lacrosse Game with The Paradox Grip

Designed for competitive players at every level, The Paradox brings the proven benefits of Buttendz grips and our lacrosse grips to the lacrosse field.

US Lacrosse compliant, it transforms your stick with a smooth, durable grip for superior control.

Ditch the Tape, Elevate Your Performance

Say goodbye to inconsistent, soggy tape.

Our 2018 lacrosse grip update delivers a cutting-edge hold for peak performance, even in the most intense matches.

The Paradox gives you:

  • Sleek two-color style
  • 100% natural rubber for unmatched grip
  • Easy, reusable application
  • Universal fit for men's and women's sticks

Dominate the Lacrosse Field Today

Sports are evolving, and The Paradox is your performance advantage.

Order now and experience the difference yourself!