FUSION Z: Small Player knob

1 product

1 product

Boost your on-ice game with the Buttendz Fusion Z Grip, designed for players that want better top-hand mobility and improved puck control.

This innovative grip features a knob half the size of the Flux Z knob, with rounded edges for smooth wrist rotation and improved agility when handling the puck and taking shots.

The Fusion Z Grip combines smooth sides with the signature Buttendz Tiling Texture, providing a consistent feel and the best grip on your stick.

Key Features:

  • Half-sized knob for increased top-hand mobility
  • Rounded edges for smooth wrist rotation and enhanced puck handling
  • Smooth sides combined with Buttendz Tiling Texture for a consistent feel
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your personal style
  • Fits all stick sizes for universal compatibility

Choose your preferred color below and experience the difference the Buttendz Fusion Z Grip can make in your game.