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How to Defend a 2 on 1 in Hockey, Like a Pro

As a hockey player, defending a 2 on 1 situation can be challenging, but with the right technique and mindset, you can effectively shut down the opposing team's scoring opportunity.

What is a 2 on 1 in Hockey?

As a hockey player, I know that the key to successfully defending a 2 on 1 is to stay patient, maintain good positioning, and communicate with your goalie.

Force the puck carrier to make a decision by applying pressure and taking away passing lanes, while keeping an eye on the other attacker.

Ultimately, your goal is to buy time for your teammates to get back and help defend, so work together as a unit to shut down the scoring opportunity and regain control of the puck.

Steps to Implementing a Perfect 2 on 1

The first step is to stay calm and assess the situation quickly.

Position yourself between the puck carrier and the other attacker, giving yourself the best chance to intercept a pass or block a shot.

  • Keep your stick on the ice and in the passing lane to disrupt any potential passes.
  • Focus on the puck carrier and try to force them to make a decision under pressure.

Good Ice Positioning

While keeping an eye on the puck carrier, don't forget about their teammate.

Be aware of their position and anticipate any possible passes or plays they might attempt.

As the puck carrier approaches, start slowly backing up towards your own net, maintaining a good gap between you and the attackers.

  • Keep your body square to the puck carrier and stay on your feet, ready to react to any sudden moves or shots.
  • Communicate with your goalie about the developing play and any potential threats.

Don't Forget About Your Teammates

Your primary goal is to buy time for your teammates to get back and help defend.

If the puck carrier gets too close to the net, try to force them to the outside and take away their shooting angle.

If they pass the puck, be ready to shift your focus to the other attacker and apply the same defensive principles.

  • Stay patient and don't overcommit to one attacker, as this may leave you vulnerable to a pass or a quick move.
  • Trust your goalie to make the save if a shot gets through, and be prepared to clear any rebounds or loose pucks.

Remember, defending a 2 on 1 is a team effort.

Work together with your goalie and communicate with your teammates to minimize the scoring chance and regain possession of the puck.

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