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Hockey Advice from the Pros: One Timer

One of the most impressive and effective shots in hockey is the one timer.

This shot involves a player receiving a pass and immediately shooting the puck without stopping or controlling it first.

What is the One Timer in Hockey?


The one timer in hockey is a shot taken by a player immediately after receiving a pass, without stopping or controlling the puck first.

It's a powerful and often surprising shot that requires excellent timing, positioning, and coordination between the passer and the shooter.

Mastering the one timer can be a game-changer for any player looking to increase their scoring potential.

Here are some tips from the pros on how to execute a perfect one timer:

  • Positioning: Be ready to receive the pass by positioning your body sideways to the puck's trajectory. This allows you to generate more power and accuracy in your shot.
  • Stick preparation: Keep your stick blade on the ice, ready to make contact with the puck as soon as it arrives. The blade should be slightly angled to help elevate the puck off the ice.
  • Timing: Anticipate the pass and time your shot accordingly. The key is to hit the puck just as it reaches your stick, without any delay.

Practice as Much As You Can

Practice is crucial when it comes to perfecting the one timer.

Start by working on your timing and positioning with a teammate or a passing machine.

Focus on receiving passes from different angles and distances to simulate game-like situations.

As you become more comfortable, gradually increase the speed and power of your shots.

  • Repetition: Repeat the motion of receiving passes and shooting one timers to build muscle memory and improve consistency.
  • Variation: Practice one timers from various spots on the ice, such as the point, the half-wall, and the slot, to become a versatile threat.
  • Power development: Incorporate off-ice training exercises to strengthen your core, shoulders, and wrists, which are essential for generating power in your one timers.

It's Not Just About Power and Accuracy

Remember, the one timer is not just about power; accuracy is equally important.

Aim for the corners of the net or look for open spaces created by the goalie's positioning.

Communication with your teammates is also important, as they need to deliver passes that are well-timed and accurately placed for you to execute an effective one timer.

  • Communicate: Let your teammates know when you're open and ready for a one timer pass.
  • Adapt: Be prepared to adjust your positioning or shot based on the pass you receive and the defensemen's positioning.
  • Follow through: After making contact with the puck, follow through with your shot to ensure accuracy and maximize power.

By following these tips and dedicating time to practice, you can become a one timer specialist and add a formidable weapon to your offensive arsenal.

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