Why Black Hockey Tape Can Ruin Your Hockey Gloves (And What to Do About It)

Why Black Hockey Tape Can Ruin Your Hockey Gloves (And What to Do About It)

While black hockey tape is a popular choice among players for its sleek look and improved puck handling, it may come with a downside—potentially ruining your gloves faster than expected.

The preference for black tape stems from its ability to blend in with the puck and the stick, offering a psychological edge during play.

However, the repercussions of using black tape, such as adhesive residue buildup, increased friction and wear, and potential chemical damage, are often overlooked.

These factors not only affect the performance and lifespan of hockey gloves but also lead to additional costs for players who have to replace their gear more frequently.

It's a good idea to realize the impact of black hockey tape on gloves, especially for players looking to preserve their equipment.

Adhesive Residue Buildup

Black hockey tape is notorious for leaving behind a stubborn adhesive residue on gloves.

Over time, this buildup becomes difficult to remove, rendering the gloves sticky and uncomfortable during gameplay.

The tackiness can impair the player's grip and control over the stick, compromising performance.

Consistently cleaning the gloves after use can mitigate some of these issues, but it may not completely prevent the residue from accumulating.

This sticky dilemma poses a frustrating challenge for players who prefer the aesthetics and initial grip of black tape.

Friction and Wear

The grippy surface of black hockey tape might seem beneficial for control, but it significantly increases friction between the stick and the gloves.

This added friction subjects the gloves to accelerated wear and tear, particularly on the palms, where the material thins and eventually splits open.

As the gloves deteriorate, players may find themselves needing to invest in replacements more often than they'd like.

This not only impacts the player's wallet but also their comfort and performance on the ice, as constantly changing gloves doesn't allow for a consistent feel.

Chemical Composition

The debate around the chemical composition of black hockey tape and its effects on glove durability adds another layer of consideration for players.

While some argue that the dye or chemicals used in black tape's adhesive can degrade glove palms quicker, others claim there's no difference between the materials used in black and white tape.

Despite these conflicting views, the concern over potential chemical damage gives players a reason to think twice about their tape choices. 

Why You Should Use Hockey Stick Grips

Stepping away from the traditional hockey tape, players have the option to enhance their game with Buttendz hockey stick grips.

These grips provide a durable, adhesive-free solution that reduces the wear on gloves, offering a consistent feel without the sticky mess or accelerated breakdown.

Buttendz grips are designed for optimal comfort, control, and longevity, negating the negatives associated with black hockey tape.

By choosing Buttendz, players protect their equipment investment while enjoying improved performance and tactile feedback from their stick.

Hockey Tape is Fine, but Hockey Stick Grips Are Better!

While black hockey tape has its aesthetic and functional appeals, the potential drawbacks it presents to the health and longevity of your hockey gloves are significant.

From the adhesive residue that hampers grip to the heightened friction that wears palms down prematurely, and the controversial chemical composition, the reasons to reconsider are compelling.

Alternatively, Buttendz hockey stick grips offer a pragmatic and beneficial replacement, ensuring players can maintain peak performance without sacrificing their gear.

Going with Buttendz not only saves gloves from unnecessary damage but also elevates the playing experience, making it a wise choice for any serious hockey player.

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