Do NHL Players Use Grips?

Do NHL Players Use Grips?

Yes, many NHL players use hockey stick grips, although the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and playing style.

Some players prefer grips for the following reasons:

  • Consistent, comfortable, and secure hold on the stick
  • Reduced hand fatigue during long periods of time on the ice and intense games
  • Better stick handling and shooting accuracy

However, others prefer the traditional feel and customization options that you can get with hockey tape.

NHL players' grip choices often influence amateur players, leading to increased popularity of grips at all levels of play.

Hockey Grips vs Hockey Tape

When it comes to better grip and control on the ice, hockey players often have trouble deciding between using hockey grips or traditional hockey tape.

Hockey grips offer a consistent, comfortable, and secure hold on the stick and help to reduce hand fatigue while improving overall performance.

On the other hand, hockey tape provides a more customizable grip and a traditional feel that some players prefer, allowing them to adjust the thickness and texture to their liking.

Ultimately, it's hard to choose a clear winner and it's up the players (or you as a player yourself) to decide which one you prefer for your playstyle.

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