The time had finally come. After spending many hours training with Aito Iguchi and Yuga Okada, we were finally going to see the boys put their skills to the test with a big hockey tournament up in Nikko, Japan. The day started out in Tokyo and I put my Japanese train navigation skills to the test. I hit the road with all my stuff to join Aito and Yuga up in Nikko to watch them play. It was pretty smooth sailing and I enjoyed my 3 hour journey to Nikko station. Kumiko (Yuga’s Mom) picked me up at the station and we went for Soba noodles before the game. They were outstanding. I am a sucker for all Japanese noodles but these were top notch. After lunch we went to the Nikkō Kirifuri Ice Arena for the first game of the tournament. It was sick to see the game in person. Like everyone else, I’ve been watching the Japanese players mostly on the internet. Here was my chance to watch the competition in person. I was really excited with the level of play. In this video the Warriors dominate their opponent and Aito and Yuga finish with multiple points each. It was really fun filming this video but even more fun to edit it. I was having a blast re living this once in a lifetime experience and I hope you get a true sense of how cool it was to be there. Thanks a lot to Yuga and Aito for being such good hosts and having me up to watch them play. Enjoy Glimpz 16 part 1.

Music by: @be_svendsen


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