White FUTURE Grip – Red Drip

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Two-tiered player knob with a twirl

Fits all Stick Sizes

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Designed for the player who prefers the feel of a knob, with the added texture of the “twirl” pattern.  The FUTURE implements our new “Step-down” knob with the added twirl pattern to fit perfectly in your hand. This combination provides the player with superior control of the stick and an optimal feel for the puck.

Grip Specs:

  • Top Knob Width = 11mm
  • Top Knob Thickness = 5mm
  • Bottom Knob Width = 7mm
  • Bottom Knob Thickness=2.5mm
  • Grip Length: 7 inches

1 review for White FUTURE Grip – Red Drip

  1. Dman1624

    I find it the best grip out of the ones I got. To apply them it can be a bit harder then it looks but the tip i have is not to stop trying to put it on. It’s worth it.

    Really great feel on the ice and now it doesn’t feel like I’m slipping on my shots.

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