Black FLUX Z Grip – White Drip

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Large Knob Player Grip Fits all stick sizes


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Designed for the player who prefers a classic knob. The rounded edge of the knob, combined with the Buttendz Tiling Texture are what make this grip a favorite. The unique shape and size of the Flux Z knob allows the player to maximize power, accuracy and stick control.

Grip Specs:

  • Knob Width = 22mm
  • Knob Thickness= 6mm
  • Grip Length: 7 inches

1 review for Black FLUX Z Grip – White Drip

  1. Tim H.

    I switched to the Flux Z about a year ago, and it’s been amazing. You can feel everything better, I feel like you have a little more control of passes and shits because you can actually feel the entire stick and your gloves don’t get destroyed. The gloves for my top hand would always wear out with tape, especially the Nash palm gloves, but since I’ve switched to ButtEndz I haven’t worn through any gloves. ButtEndz definitely save your gloves and give give you more control. I now own 8 ButtEndz grips and I won’t switch back to tape.

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