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Check out what players are saying about their Buttendz and how it’s improved their game.

AKIL THOMAS - Toronto Marlboros

Position: Center & Defense

Birthday: 1/2/00

"Usually when I first use a different grip on my stick I don't feel a difference, but with the Buttendz I felt an extraordinary difference. It was easy to grab loose pucks with one hand and really hold on to the puck in crucial moments. I also love the fact that the grip is not to sticky. It is very durable and will last me a very long time."

WILL JENNINGS - Boston Jr. Bruins

Position: Left Wing

Birthday: 4/6/2001

"Buttendz grips are awesome! I was able to gain more power and accuracy when shooting and passing. I also noticed Buttendz Grips absorb some shock from my shots and the hard passes I was receiving. I will NEVER go back to tape again; everyone NEEDS to make the switch to improve their own game."

LUC KREUSER - Wisconsin Rapids Riverkings

Position: Forward & Center

Birthday: 8/7/97

"I've gone through almost every grip there has been, but this grip by far is my favorite. It's durable, and it helps me stick-handle without losing my handwork; it's not to sticky, but its just right."

JACK LYDON - Boston Jr Bruins

Position: Left Wing

Birthday: 1/20/02

"This is an awesome product that not only replaces tape but feel great."


Position: Forward

Birthday: 8/19/02

"Buttendz are so sick. They give me a better feel for the puck and make sniping easier. Won't be switching back to tape anytime soon."

MATTHEW LOMEO - St. Charles Cardinals

Position: Center

Birthday: 12/29/99

"I love this grip! It makes your stick lighter and you never have to retape the top of your stick! It gave me a lot of control and pin point accuracy on my shot! It also absorbs some of the shock when catching hard passes! I would recommend this grip to everyone!!"

NICKY DUNN - Ottawa Centre Storm

Position: Center

Birthday: 8/11/01

"I absolutely love these grips! I got one for Christmas and in my first game I scored two goals and got two assists. I don't think I'll ever go back to taping my handle. It's really grippy and I find that I have better control of the puck now."

CONNER GREGER - Little Caesars West

Position: Defense

"Overall this is a great grip. I have tried many other grips and this one is the best by far. The FLUX grip reduces the wear on your gloves and has a great texture to it. This really helps me feel the puck better when I stick handle and it absorbs the from shooting. Thanks!!"

KYLE FOLLHOFFER - Lord Slekirk Seven Oaks Rebels

Position: Right Wing

Birthday: 3/4/03

"Buttendz hockey grips are amazing and teammates notice as well. My shot and stick handling skills have improved greatly."

MASON SMITH - Buffalo Saints

Position: Center

Birthday: 7/27/01

"I love the Buttendz grip. I have much better puck control with this grip, and my stick handling is much smoother now. Also, my stick does not fall out of my hand...ever. I'm much more comfortable doing toe drags knowing that I have this grip. It does make a true difference. I want to thank Buttendz so much for a great product, the results have been phenomenal."

MATT FLAHERTY - West Island Remparts

Position: Center

Birthday: 11/9/00

"It's amazing. The grip is strong and firm in my hands. For slap shots it helps with the flex and release. For stick handling the grip its practically stuck to my hands which helps so much. Who needs tape anymore when you have Buttendz!"

LOGAN JAMES - Belleville Bulls

Position: Defense

Birthday: 7/20/02

"The Buttendz is great for the feel for the top of your stick. It allows you to be able to rip a shot off and not fan on it...even when you're a defenseman. You really don't want to lose control of the puck at the point and also in your zone. Buttendz has really improved my game."

HUNTER WELLMEYER - Palm Beach Blackhawks

Position: Left Wing

Birthday: 9/1/02

"I love my Buttendz FLUX grip. It's a huge improvement over taping, more time dangling."

LUCA REIS - Duffield Devils

Position: Left Wing & Center

Birthday: 7/15/04

"Best grip ever offered. Helps with your shot and handling of the stick. Great for passing. Every kid should have a Buttendz; don't leave your stick without it!"

NICK LAWLOR - Oakville Rangers

Position: Left D

Birthday: 4/3/01

"I always loved using tape until I got the opportunity to play with Buttendz. The grip is perfect on how grippy it is and it never wears down. I also love the different colours to match my team and the grip simply looks great. Another thing about the grip is: it never moves. You don't have to worry about it sliding down or up. Overall I am so happy I discovered Buttendz and I can tell my stick handling, passing, and shooting have gotten better."

ETHAN JONES - Sault Ste. Marie Jr Greyhounds

Position: Right Wing

Birthday: 5/27/02

"The grips I've previously used rip and come loose easily. The Buttendz is extremely durable! The grip allows me to control the puck easily, while not being too thick. Handling and shooting is a lot easier. The Buttendz prevents your hand from falling off your stick."

OLIVER LUPONIO - West Island Royals Bantam CC

Position: Right Wing

Birthday: 2/9/01

"It was definitely more grippy than tape. It felt very nice in my hand. The advantages of Buttendz is: better feel for handling the puck, reduced wear to the palm of your glove, and softened vibration for passing and receiving the puck!"

WESLEY NIPPER - Carolina Jr Hurricanes

Position: Left Wing

Birthday: 7/20/02

"Buttendz is the best thing ever, I'm in love with it!! I think it's lucky because I sniped two today and I think it's just awesome!"

TEDDY WILLCOCKS - Leaside Flames

Position: Defense

Birthday: 1/25/02

"Buttendz is awesome. I will never go back to using tape on my knob again."

HAYDEN CLARK - Chicago Fury

Position: Defense

Birthday: 3/24/00

"The grip is awesome because of the way it sits in my hand and how soft it is. I had a whole in the palm of my glove and I can barely feel the grip."

TATE COMPTON - Indy Strong

Position: Defense

Birthday: 10/27/03

"Buttendz has really boosted my game. Ever since I got it, I have been playing much better. I recommend this product to anyone!!"


Position: Defense

Birthday: 4/7/00

"My shot has become insane! I'm scoring more goals from the blue line than the forwards. Love this."

ETHAN INGRAM - Brantford Saints

Position: Right Wing

Birthday: 11/9/03

"Buttendz has a great feel and I can already tell that my stick handling and shot have improved a lot."

TEAGAN COMPTON - Indianapolis Strong

Position: Center

Birthday: 3/30/02

"Ever since I stepped onto the ice with this thing for the first time, I knew I would love it. Everything about the grip to the style, amazing. This is great for taking shots too! An overall great grip, and I would definitely recommend this grip to anyone out there."

ZENAS KENNEDY - Providence Capitals

Position: Defense

Birthday: 8/23/02

"I think this is a great grip for all players. It was a great way of doing your shaft, quick and easy. I personally really like the grip because I play defense and I need that strong grip to make plays with one hand at a time."

KARSTEN BROWN - East Gwillimbury Eagles

Position: Defense

Birthday: 4/29/03

"My grip has helped my stick handling a lot. My shot is way harder than it used to be and I can stick handle around anyone now!"

ANTHONY MARTINS - Oakville Chiefs

Position: Center

Birthday: 7/19/00

"The Buttendz grip is amazing. I feel so much more comfortable holding my stick, and with the extra grip, I don't have to worry about my hand sliding off or around the knob. Overall I give this product a 10/10 and it is a MUST for all players. In order to be a better player, you need to feel confident when holding your stick to make those game-winning passes and shots. Thank you very much again Buttendz. I will be looking to buy your new products in the future."

EVAN HADLEY - Kansas City Stars

Position: Center

Birthday: 9/15/00

"My grip has, by far, helped me become a better player. I have better accuracy and puck control. Putting the grip on my stick has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Every hockey player should have one of these on their stick."

MICHAEL SUDA - Buffalo Saints

Position: Defense

Birthday: 7/3/02

"When I first got Buttendz, I thought it would be like any other grip. It's not. My first game I could feel the difference. My passes were better, my stick didn't vibrate as much and I ended up getting 3 points. Ever since then I never put tape on the top of my stick again. Buttendz helped improve my game."

MARK LANNING - Hamburg Hawks

Position: Defense

Birthday: 8/13/02

"I really like these grips. They give you softer hands and a much better grip on the stick."

CHASE FRIEDMAN - Great Neck Bruins

Position: Center

Birthday: 3/10/01

"It has a great feel for the puck and is very durable and clean. Earlier this season, I bought a different grip at a local hockey store, and it was terrible couldn't even put it on. Buttendz goes on in less than two minutes. I feel my shot getting better also."

THOMAS VALLIÈRES - Graal College Claretain

Position: Center

Birthday: 12/14

"I really like the Buttendz because of the style with the line on the grips. And, because the grip makes me have better control with the puck!!"


Position: Center

Birthday: 10/27/01

"It makes the grip on my stick a lot better and that helps my stick handling - like beating the goalie and when I break kids' ankles."

GRAHAM HARRIS - Minnetonka Skippers

Position: Forward

Birthday: 6/4/03

"I like Buttendz because it has a solid feel to it. It's not too sticky or anything like that. It lasts a long time without having to pay for a ton of tape. Also, Buttendz has some sweet designs. This product is definitely something I will not stop using."

WYATT SMITS - Minnetonka Skippers

Position: Right Wing

Birthday: 12/21/02

"Very lightweight, very durable, doesn't rip or tear, very nice graphics, and design looks great on any stick. With some other grips, it's kinda hard to stick handle. But with Buttendz, it's super easy to stick handle and shoot. Just love it and what is awesome is that you can take it off and use it again."

DOMINIC HUGG - Elmira Jackals

Position: Forward

Birthday: 11/1/07

"I switched over from tape to the Buttendz in Jan. and have scored more goals and it had made it easier to do a toe drag. I love it and just had one put on my lacrosse stick for this season. Thanks guys. Can't wait for a blue twirl."

GUNNAR GUSTAFSON - Little Falls Flyers

Position: Defense

Birthday: 9/3/02

"I like the grip and that it lasts a long time. I feel like it helps my shot and overall it's just really nice."

DREW HAMBORG - Minnetonka Skippers

Position: Forward

Birthday: 6/4/02

"I love Buttendz because there is no other grip like it for a hockey stick. I love the knob on the grip, its perfect size. The whole grip is just amazing"

NICK HAUCK - Minnesota Machine

Position: Left Wing

Birthday: 3/11/01

"I love the Buttendz grip. I have used a lot of sleeves for my stick, but none of them stood out like this one. Improved control, a harder shot, and a better grip on the puck. All around just an amazing product!"

DREW HELLESON - Breakaway Academy

Position: Defense

Birthday: 3/26/01

"I loved the Buttendz grip. It improved shot accuracy and it was easy to grip with one hand. Overall it was a great investment."

SAM MacLeod - Aurora Tigers

Position: Defense

Birthday: 5/15/02

"I love my Buttendz. My stick is a million times better with it on. And it makes me look sick on the ice."

JOHN MANNING - Minnetonka Skippers

Position: Defense

Birthday: 7/30/02

"I love my Buttendz! It is the best grip I'v ever used. I rate it a 10/10 and it's the best investment I've ever made. You guys are awesome."

NOLAN TABRAHAM - Junior Hurricanes Bantam AAA

Position: Defense

Birthday: 2/21/02

"I currently am using the twirl grip and I love it! I love the way it feels in my hands and it doesn't ruin my gloves like normal hockey tape. I have tried everything from the taki maks to tennis tape, but Buttendz definitely gives the best grip."

MATTHEW DAVID - Parry Sound Shamrocks

Position: Defense

Birthday: 4/18/01

"The control increased by 100%. Great product, wouldn't change a thing. The grip is comfortable in the mitts and looks pretty sweet as well! Number of goals with this beauty: 4 in 3 games!"


Position: Forward

Birthday: 10/02/01

"Awesome product, never need to tape and re-tape. Excellent grip - never drop your stick again. I will definitely buy another one."

ALEX HAUCK - Euro America

Position: Forward

Birthday: 10/29/03

"I loved the grip. It helped stick handling, and with passing and shooting accuracy. Overall, it was a great product."


Position: Center

Birthday: 1/09/01

"This grip is the new thing, better accuracy, better shot, and better puck control. It has really improved my game and shot level."

ISAAC DIXON - PeeWee AAA Warriors

Position: Defense

Birthday: 4/17/02

"I have been using these since February and I have gone bar down 4 times and scored 12 goals in 10 games. They have the best feel and are sick for dangling benders and they make my shot even harder."

Evan Vassilovski - East Coast Wizards

Position: Center

Birthday: 12/25/01

"I like the Buttendz grip a lot. It's not too sticky. My stick handling has been a lot better, and you guys have some pretty cool designs."

AVERY McPhedran - Quesnel Red

Position: Defense

Birthday: 3/9/99

"Buttendz grips are the best on the market. They take forever to wear down so you get your money's worth. They're just the right amount of grip, which gives you the best control."

DANTE MAIETTA - Whitebear PeeWee A

Position: Goalie

Birthday: 9/16/02

"I really like using the Buttendz on my new stick because it gives me a grip that tape doesn't provide. It makes it really easy when I'm poke checking."


Position: Left Wing

Birthday: 12/27/02

"It's a great grip, I love it. My wrist shot has improved since using the grip and my hand doesn't slip anymore."

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