Former pro player and Co-founder of Buttendz, Rob LaLonde, answers a question from Instagram…How to prepare and stand out for hockey tryouts at the pee wee level. This advice is for all hockey players. Here are 3 tips:

  1. Be sure to get into shape in the summer and off season. Use your off season to improve your conditioning and strength. We have some great training videos on our Instagram and YouTube Channel.
  2. Get to tryouts early. Coaches will notice that you are reliable and responsible. It’s an easy thing to plan for and execute.
  3. Call out for the puck during drills. On ice communication with your teammates is important. Coaches will notice louder players that are assertive and are vocal players.

We will be answering more questions to help you improve your game and your development as an athlete each week. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and submit us your questions for a chance to win a free grip.

Goingbardown Buttendz grip review

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Buttendz Grip Review – The Best Grip In The Game?

June 24, 2019 by Ryan

“We’ve all seen it before.  Your top of the line gloves start to develop a hole in the palm.  You wonder how after only a season or two you have burned another palm out and how much money you are going to have to put into a used set of mitts.  Well the good news for you is that we got our hands on some Buttendz grips and are here to help you eliminate the problem from your life!”…

The 7th OneHockey Minnesota Gone Wild tournament is under way with over 75 teams participating from areas like Alaska, Arizona, California and Winnipeg … to name a few. Also in the house, Instagram star and founder of Buttendz, Rob LaLonde.

We want to help you effectively sell Buttendz, so we pulled together our top 7 tips for driving sales. Let us know if you have any questions. 
Check out our new application and removal videos on YouTube.
1. Drive home that all Buttendz are reusable. Make sure your staff knows this – it is a huge selling point and can help a customer get the most out of their grip. Familiarize yourself with the application and removal videos.
The tendency may be to encourage customers to have to repurchase the grip for immediate sales, but there is a greater benefit in showing the customer the benefits of Buttendz and how grips help them save more money than choosing tape. They all have teammates, parents, and hockey friends that they can relay this to, helping to boost your sales.
2. Make sure customers know how to apply their grips. Buttendz application spray is not a glue and is not the only solution that can be used to apply the grip. Our spray is an alcohol-based lubricant that helps the grip slide on the stick and dries in a couple of hours. 
If a customer is out of spray or had a malfunctioning spray bottle, they can use hair spray or dish soap with water to apply the grips. These will work the same and help save them money and easily reuse the grip without needing spray bottles. 
3. Offer to apply the grip for the customer. And, always point them to our website or YouTube channel for application and removal help.

Note: Do not cut off grips that get stuck or seem difficult to remove.
Some grips will be more difficult than others to remove or apply due to the tackiness and/or size of stick, but eventually they will come off with more soap and water. DON’T USE PLIERS OR KNIVES TO REMOVE.  
4. We offer a 60-day warranty for free replacement. This is a one-time replacement so the same customer can’t keep returning grips that are torn during application or the first couple months of use. Be sure to take a picture of the damaged grip and ask how it happened and replace it on the spot. Then, email this to us and we’ll send you a new grip with your next order. 
5. Give us some feedback on what you need to drive sales. For example: Display suggestions(wall poster/window decals/end cap signs/etc.)…be specific! Social media content (marketing assets are stored here)We want to help you sell through these grips and make money so we both benefit from the partnership. 
6. Drive sales with your display. Make sure to have at least one stick or stick end with a Buttendz grip applied for customers to feel. If they can’t feel the grip while shipping or at the checkout counter, they won’t know how great it feels compared to tape. 
7. Highlight the benefits of choosing a grip over tapePlayers get improved feel for the puck, better shot power and accuracy, and it saves their gloves.

10 Best Hockey Stick Grips – 2018 Review

Hockey stick grips help you maintain a consistent grip on your hockey stick. Picking the right grip is important because it has a tremendous impact on the feel of your stick. For that reason, we’ve listed some of the best hockey stick grips on the market below.

1) Buttendz Hockey Stick Gripsbuttendz twirl

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Designed and tested by current and former pro hockey players, Buttendz Grips are changing the way players think about their cloth tape knobs.


  • Increased life of gloves
  • Better feel and control of your stick
  • Lasts longer than traditional cloth tape
  • Saves time, only need to apply once


  • Initial adjustment period
  • Thicker than some knobs with traditional tape
  • Not as customized as a traditional tape job


This is one of the nicest stick grips on the market. The feel and performance are above all other grips that aim to replace traditional cloth tape.

Click here to read their in-depth review on Buttendz grips

I remember the what it was like to be a young hockey player. I had no clue what I was doing in the gym when I first started working out. I learned from going to Gold’s Gym and watching the meatheads do curls. This would have little to no impact on my life as a hockey player. I remember being unmotivated because I felt like I was not making progress in the right direction. That’s why I wanted to make this video. To show the young players who ask me for workout advice an easy and fun workout that anyone can do that will show tremendous results. Keep searching the workout that is right for you. But if you are not sure what to do, try 5.10.15 and feel good about it. Enjoy. More simple workouts to come!

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I get excited when I meet people in the hockey industry who are motivated and passionate about their craft. There is so much of that coming out of Buffalo, NY. We recently teamed up with the boys from Just Dishin hockey for a video shoot at the harbor center. Time was of the essence and there was only a sliver to make it happen. Matt and Nick hit me up with a couple of different options for ice times. It was sick that we had the chance to get out on the ice at the Harbor Center bright and early just before I took off to NYC. We met up at 6 am and got right into filming. These shoots are fun to do because you never know what the final product will look like when you start. We both decided that we would share all the content and each make our own vids. Here it is: Buttendz X JDH Hockey Collabo. Music from @hilarymertaugh

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butcher boys rule buttendz

Spring is in full swing and that means its LAX season. Put away the skates and grab your cleats. Lacrosse is a dynamic sport with so many similarities to hockey, its no surprise that many ice hockey players play lacrosse as well. The Butcher Boyz Rule are no different. CBanks and Max B. Money just started playing lacrosse this season and I noticed that they needed some Buttendz Paradox Lacrosse Grips for their twigs. I have not seen the boys in a while so it was a great opportunity to go over and get the boyz blinged out. Also, I needed to battle Carter in a rematch of NHL 18 3’s. Always a good time kicking it with the Butcher’s…Enjoy!

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Tune in and listen to what its like to be an NHL Scout. What do scouts look for when going to games? If you want to get scouted someday you should listen to this.

Buttendz insta LIVE with special guest JT Barnett. This was a lot of fun. We had a great time having JT on the Sunday night Buttendz LIVE. For some reason we cant download the LIVE’s from insta so we are shooting a behind the scenes look with our GOPro. Sorry you cant see JT but its cool to listen to what he has to say. He is an inspiring young athlete out there chasing his hockey dreams. We also have some cool questions from many of you as well. Enjoy. Follow JT on insta @jtbarnett

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