3 Reasons to Switch from Hockey Grip Tape to a Hockey Grip

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When to remove hockey tape

The game is faster, the stakes are higher. Players from all over the world are looking for ways to improve their equipment and gain an edge. It is not acceptable to remain stagnant and expect to compete at the highest level. If you want to beat your competition, you need to be at the cutting edge of technology and performance.

As the hockey stick evolves, naturally so should the grip. Buttendz grips give you the highest level of performance on the market today. Find out why so many NHL superstars are switching to Buttendz to give them the feel they need to excel in the top league in the world.  Use the same grips that the NHL guys are using right now and know that you have the best technology in the game.


1. Shot Power and Accuracy

Petry Buttendz grip

Jeff Petry using a Blue FLUX grip

  • To maximize the rolling over of your wrists as you release the puck, you need flexibility in your arm muscles and wrist.  This adds just a bit more power to the shot and helps your accuracy as well. It is the equivalent of the toe flick at the end of the skating stride.
  • Your big muscle groups have generated the force and this puts it over the top.  The best way I can describe this is like casting a fishing pole. You want to flick your forearms in a way that adds a snap or bullwhip effect.  The more tension and strength required to hold onto/grab your stick, then less power you will generate.
  • The Buttendz grip has a rubber tiling that allows for a tackier grip than tape, promoting a smoother, tension-free shot through greater wrist mobility.

2. Handling and Receiving the puck

  • There’s nothing worse than letting a perfectly executed tape-to-tape pass blow up on you and ruin a great play made by a teammate.
  • The elasticity of our natural rubber grips help absorb the energy your stick receives from a puck on your blade.
  • The transfer of energy is received in your hands more comfortably, and more importantly, under more of your control.

3. Reduced Wear to your Glove PalmsBetter for your gloves than tape

  • Every hockey player knows the short shelf life of the palms of hockey gloves.  Hockey grip tape has a cloth side and an adhesive side, and after a couple games played with a brand new tape job, it’s tough to tell the difference.
  • The chemicals from the adhesive side have gotten wet and coated the outside of your grip tape, exposing the palms of your gloves to constant friction against a hazardous (to leather) chemical.
  • The combination of these two acts are eliminated with a Buttendz hockey grip.  Save money on glove repair along with money on tape!


  • Don’t forget, because these are natural rubber and are elastic, they are reusable and able to be cleaned.
  • Getting water in between the grip and your stick will loosen the knob and help start the removal process. Watch the application/removal videos HERE.
  • This will cause enough mobility in your grip to work the knob off your stick and roll your grip off completely.
  • The grip will snap back to original form.  Let the grip and the stick dry, and you are good to reapply.

They can be cleaned by simply using soap and water. 

Experience the advantage NHL players have taken advantage of for decades.

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