For lack of a better term, I am homeless. I recently moved out of my apartment in Buffalo on August 31. So its been 1 month plus where I am officially a digital nomad. I feel like this is a good situation for me because I can take the money spent on rent and use

Ryan Getzlaf hockey grip

It’s that time again. We recently sat down for another Ask Me Anything. Most of the questions came via Snapchat. We had a couple questions that came in late so we needed to do 2 parts. Make sure you watch the whole video, there is a giveaway, you gotta watch the video to enter. Thanks

Just Hockey Toronto is one of the best hockey shops in the world. Right in the heart of the Toronto hockey hot bed. They invited us to come to the store last weekend to talk to customers about Buttendz. It was a great opportunity to meet some new hockey players and introduce them to our

Glimpz 8 Toronto Hockey Weekend part 1

It all started with the instagram live the other day. Everyone was asking me what I was going to do up in Toronto. I was excited to head up there for a big tournament to watch some games. My plan was to bounce around and check out some of the young players who I know

I am so lucky. I get the opportunity to work with up and coming players from all over the world, make improvements to their hockey sticks. It has been the single greatest joy of my hockey career to talk to a player after the game and hear them tell me that they love Buttendz. I

Wednesday morning, late summer here in Buffalo, hockey fever is in the air. Players from all levels are putting the finishing touches on their summer training programs and getting ready to come together as a team. You can see it on the faces of the players at the Harbor Center in Buffalo, NY. It doesn’t

We are really excited to unveil our new countertop display for retail hockey shops all over the world. We built the product from scratch to display Buttendz Grips in the most visually aesthetic way possible. Its really important for people to actually touch the grips and feel em on the stick. Any hockey player will

With the launch of our newest grip, the Twirl 88, we ventured north to pick up long time Buttendz Ambassador Zac Bell aka @Always.Hockey. I picked up Zac at his billets house in Toronto and we took the 2 hour journey to Niagara Falls where we had ice booked at the Dwyer Arena. A perfect

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I knew as soon as the construction was finished on the new outdoor roller rink at Shoshone Park in Buffalo, NY, that we needed to make a collaboration video. I hit up my buddies Jack Porter aka @jp.hky and Jonah Hart aka @wristytwisty and invited them to come to the rink and shoot some videos.