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By MIKE IVES KARUIZAWA, Japan — At 14, Aito Iguchi is already an internet stickhandling sensation and a household name in Japanese youth hockey. The question wherever he plays is typically not whether, but when, he will stickhandle his way to a goal. But Iguchi wants more than goals. “I want to set my sights

It was a great opportunity to head back to the Peg to hang out with Trav and the Arborg Ice Dawgs. I drove up from Buffalo to Winnipeg and spent most of the week hanging out with the team. I had the chance to jump on the ice and practice with them as well as

Buffalo Regals practice video

Pracky with the Boyz: 15u Buffalo Regals

I grabbed my gear and headed to Holiday Twin Rinks to skate with the Buffalo Regals 15u Squad. On the way to the rink I decided to shoot the entire session using my Snapchat Spectacles. The coach is Mike Suda, he was my coach when I was a 17 year old playing AAA and now

There was a break in the action at the CCM invite in Chicago. We had our pop up shop going at the Buffalo Grove 2 pad. It was a steady flow all day with teams from all over the world. Every hour a new group would enter the lobby of the rink and hang out

Its been a few months since CBanks mopped the floor with me at 3 bar. We have been waiting for the chance to challenge Butcher Boyz Rule at a new game. We got the call from Steve that they were testing out the Super Deker and CBanks wanted a challenge. We called up Jack Porter

We’ve wanted to check out hockey in the middle east for quite some time. Hockey is global. As the plane approached the tarmac, a quick google search “ice rink istanbul” was all that was needed. We took a cab through the crowded city to the IMM Silivrikapı Ice Rink and Sports Facility. Walking into the

Blake Wheeler Jets

We pick up 30,000 feet in the air, somewhere over Iceland. With a little scheduling mishap, I am stuck in Reykjavik for about 13 hours on layover so I head to the city to explore. I was able to find a nice spot to get some work done, grab some local food. They are known

Ryan Getzlaf

Glimpz 12 starts off in Mountain View California. We were getting ready to hit the road to drove back to LA but before we left, we were asked to help out with a big dinner party. If you follow Buttendz Snapchat, you are prolly aware that Rob is an aspiring Chef. There were 24 people

Martin Jones Sentry grip

Buttendz Glimpz 11 starts off with the 6 hour journey up north from Anaheim to Mountain View. I was headed up to crash with my cousin Ryan and go to see Martin Jones use Buttendz Sentry grip becoming the first NHL goalie to use Buttendz. It was a dream come true right before my eyes