This is a recording of the LIVE stream from May 10, 2018. We talked to a couple different players about summer training. How to get better at skating and much more. Stay tuned for more Buttendz LIVE action coming your way. Hit us up anywhere… Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Snapchat

The time had finally come. After spending many hours training with Aito Iguchi and Yuga Okada, we were finally going to see the boys put their skills to the test with a big hockey tournament up in Nikko, Japan. The day started out in Tokyo and I put my Japanese train navigation skills to the

Time flies. Just a short while ago, we were introducing ourselves to Aito on Instagram. That led to a friendly back and forth which eventually led to a trip to Japan to skate with Aito and the Saitama Jr. Warriors. this was over two years ago. While on that first journey to Japan we were

You asked for it and here it is. Whenever I ask you guys what video we should make next, a lot of you suggest that I should do a “What’s in my bag” video. I had just finished up 3 days of a pop up shop at the ChiTown Shuffle in Chicago. I had all

It’s pretty cool to go LIVE on instagram and record a video answering your questions. I got a bunch of questions from your guys on Snapchat @buttendz. I picked a few and answered them on this video. We talk about girls hockey and the growing opportunity for women in sports, how to I get better

I took the bullet train from Tokyo to Nikko Japan. The Saitama Warriors were battling it out in a big tournament and I was really excited to watch Aito and Yuga and the rest of the squad play. Its really cool that many of the players on the Warriors are using Buttendz and I love

It was our 4th year at the Quebec PeeWee Tournament. We were looking for some buddies to hit the ODR and make a video. The weather was perfect. There was an ODR right by our Airb&b right outside of the city of Quebec. We put it out on Snapchat that we were looking for some

Hockey in South Korea

The trip to Korea was amazing. We had the chance to see the Olympics and meet up with some of the guys using Buttendz. It was great seeing Dave Leggio for Team USA and Jonas Enroth from Team Sweden. After we left Pyeongchang, Nikkii from Swag Stick Hockey and I went back to Suwon for

Spencer Griffin Buttendz

Ever since we started Buttendz, one of the coolest things to do is tape nasty tape off of sticks and show guys how to use Buttendz. Nothing makes me happier. Over the summer I spent many days hanging around the rink, meeting guys, showing them the product, watching players use Buttendz. We met players of

Aito Igucho Yugo Japan Hockey Grip

Getting to hang out with Aito and Yuga in Japan again was sick. Aito picked me up from my hotel in Saitama and Yuga met us at the local roller rink. We had a blast messing around on the rink. We had the whole place to ourselves so we were able to film a bunch