Hockey Advice from the Pros: One Timer

Pro Hockey Tips for Dmen ft. @jeffpetry26  Practice Skating towards the one timer and shooting on the move. Standing still at the blue line is getting harder to get shots through on goal. This is a tough play that requires a lot of practice and repetition. Work on it in practice, so in a game

“Goal was scored…UNASSISTED”

Hockey Advice: How to Defend a 2 on 1

Defensemen, try this deception on your next 2-1. It’s a great way to throw off the rhythm of the offensive player and create turnovers and mistakes.It also keeps you in position to make a play on a shot and rebound situation. Shop the grip Jeff Petry uses

Original Article: EL SEGUNDO, CA — One year ago, Los Angeles Kings center prospect Akil Thomas was trying really hard not to screw up during the Kings rookie and training camps. But that strategy backfired—it prevented him from making a solid impression. “Last year in training camp, all I was really focusing on was trying not to mess

In this video, former Pro player and Buttendz Co-Founder, Rob LaLonde, answers a question about the best ways to workout and train in the off season when you don’t have access to a gym. He explains three main exercises that will get you in shape and build strength without risking injury. Pull ups Push ups Former pro player and Co-founder of Buttendz, Rob LaLonde, answers a question from Instagram…How to prepare and stand out for hockey tryouts at the pee wee level. This advice is for all hockey players. Here are 3 tips: Be sure to get into shape in the summer and off season. Use your off season

Goingbardown Buttendz grip review

Check out the full review at Buttendz Grip Review – The Best Grip In The Game? June 24, 2019 by Ryan “We’ve all seen it before.  Your top of the line gloves start to develop a hole in the palm.  You wonder how after only a season or two you have burned another palm out and

The 7th OneHockey Minnesota Gone Wild tournament is under way with over 75 teams participating from areas like Alaska, Arizona, California and Winnipeg … to name a few. Also in the house, Instagram star and founder of Buttendz, Rob LaLonde.

We want to help you effectively sell Buttendz, so we pulled together our top 7 tips for driving sales. Let us know if you have any questions.  Check out our new application and removal videos on YouTube. 1. Drive home that all Buttendz are reusable. Make sure your staff knows this – it is a huge