We pick up 30,000 feet in the air, somewhere over Iceland. With a little scheduling mishap, I am stuck in Reykjavik for about 13 hours on layover so I head to the city to explore. I was able to find a nice spot to get some work done, grab some local food. They are known

Glimpz 12 starts off in Mountain View California. We were getting ready to hit the road to drove back to LA but before we left, we were asked to help out with a big dinner party. If you follow Buttendz Snapchat, you are prolly aware that Rob is an aspiring Chef. There were 24 people

Buttendz Glimpz 11 starts off with the 6 hour journey up north from Anaheim to Mountain View. I was headed up to crash with my cousin Ryan and go to see Martin Jones use Buttendz Sentry grip becoming the first NHL goalie to use Buttendz. It was a dream come true right before my eyes

Its been over a year since we started the Glimpz series. I am out in California traveling up the coast and checking out some Buttendz users in the NHL. On my way to the Anaheim Ducks game to watch Josh Manson and Ryan Getzlaf use Buttendz Grips for the first time, we stopped off in

We are here in Michigan at the Boo Bash Lacrosse Tournament. We recently received a package in the mail from True Lacrosse so we recruited a couple Buttendz Ambassadors to help us unbox and then put some grips on the new Lacrosse shafts inside. Thank you so much to Issac and Carter who were awesome

For lack of a better term, I am homeless. I recently moved out of my apartment in Buffalo on August 31. So its been 1 month plus where I am officially a digital nomad. I feel like this is a good situation for me because I can take the money spent on rent and use

It’s that time again. We recently sat down for another Ask Me Anything. Most of the questions came via Snapchat. We had a couple questions that came in late so we needed to do 2 parts. Make sure you watch the whole video, there is a giveaway, you gotta watch the video to enter. Thanks

Just Hockey Toronto is one of the best hockey shops in the world. Right in the heart of the Toronto hockey hot bed. They invited us to come to the store last weekend to talk to customers about Buttendz. It was a great opportunity to meet some new hockey players and introduce them to our

Glimpz 8 Toronto Hockey Weekend part 1

Tuesday, 03 October 2017 by

It all started with the instagram live the other day. Everyone was asking me what I was going to do up in Toronto. I was excited to head up there for a big tournament to watch some games. My plan was to bounce around and check out some of the young players who I know

How Smart Devices Are Changing Coaching

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 by

The next time you watch a sports match pay close attention to the coaches. Instead of consulting a notepad you will likely see them referring to a smart device. Smart phone technology has revolutionized how coaches and players interact with their sport. Each sport has taken full advantage of the technology and USA Hockey has

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